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The following reports and thoughts of earlier years should give an impression of sphere of action

2009: Acquistion of land with forest and report on Piso Firme

Handing over the money at Piso Firme

Apart from improvements at Piso Firme in 2009 further 200 hectares of land could be acquired for environmental protection.

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2008: New trees were planted

New trees in Piso Firme

While in Bolivia deforestation coninues mercilessly, just now more trees were planted, also on the new plazuela.

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2007: By boat to Brazil

Lonely cabaņa on the river-bank

After two days of a tedious journey on Rio Iténez, we arrived at a place with single hut, where a family was living alone.

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2006: Bolivia at the end of the year

Riverside near Piso Firme

The present government of Bolivia seems to plan no positive variations with regard to the protection of their natural heritage.

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2005: Travelogue by Klaus Braunert

Our lodge at Piso Firme is ready for visitors, scientists, students, film-makers and nature lovers.

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2004: Bus and truck drivers

Meeting a truck on a lonely road

For reasons, which in the following account will be comprehensible, I want to tell about Bolivian bus and truck drivers.

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