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Note: If you wish to donate, consider to whom you are giving your money! There has been much misapplication in reference to contributions also in some big organizations. If an organization is large and well known, this does not mean anything concerning the quality of their work and the motivation of their initiators. Sometimes a great sum of money is used for advertising purposes.

The better the advertising is and the more advertise gimcracks are being offered, the more mistrust is advised. Small associations work on a voluntary basis and often more effectively than large institutions. These have to pay much for administration personnel. If you receive no satisfactory information, also in critical inquiries, you should be careful. Without the financial support of patrons in wildlife and environmental protection nothing can be achieved. Please help to prevent that the money goes to the pockets of clever profit-seekers!

We accept no contributions tied to conditions and we receive no support from business, from the state or from political parties. Our organization’s work in Bolivia is financed exclusively by private supporters. Contributions of members and sponsors have been invested at a rate of at least 95% in Bolivia.

Donation account:
SIMBIOSIS- Mensch u.Natur e.V.
Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse
BLZ: 217 5 00 00
Konto Nr.: 400 28 900

International donation account:
IBAN: DE 55 2175 0000 0040 0289 00

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