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A private initiative of some of our members

Are you an ardent nature lover and would like to participate in an establishment in a paradise of nature, the PANTANAL, which would both serve the protection of species and should be available for visitors who are nature enthusiasts?

Have you ever thought about whether there are more meaningful possibilities to invest than incur speculation losses at the stock exchange or to spend more money for consumption-junk? We offer to participate in a profitable manner in the true sense with our partners in the country: Purchase and reorganisation of a hacienda in the Bolivian Pantanal, a landscape formed by water in the centre of South America. Here you can experience flora and fauna still far away from human interferences. Apart from the typical vegetation of this environment, jaguars, ocelots, jaguarundis, rheas (South American ostrich), caimans, macaws, toucans, ant bears, tapirs, anacondas and many other endemic species occur here, animals that have been wiped out or are very rare in most other zones.

The Pantanal, situated in eastern Bolivia, is not only one of the most magnificent natural landscapes of the country, but due to its vicinity to the border of Brazil is relatively convenient to reach, coming from Europe. Moreover this zone is largely free of conflicts about land possession, because it is in contrast to the Brazilian Pantanal not very interesting for domestic settlers, because of inundations and swamps and is suitable only for extensive cattle-raising. However, estate boundaries are registered in the register of real estate and are generally respected.

The Pantanal has been spared the endless single-crop farming of genetically manipulated soy bean fields or plantations of eucalyptus which determine the landscape in Brazil and its natural condition has been preserved. Yet its nature is threatened nowadays with destruction by more and more cattle-raising, by poisonous deposits, carried out of the gold mines coming with the water of rivers of Brazil, and finally by plans to excavate more canals in the zone. Therefore environmental protection must establish itself there first and the area made accessible for visitors and hence move into the consciousness of a wider public.

Why Bolivia, if the larger and more significant part of the Pantanal is in Brazil?

We are a group that has engaged itself for ten years with environmental protection projects in Bolivia. We know the country, speak the national language and have manifold experience with organization, land sourcing, typical legal problems and have cooperated for years with Bolivians.

Bolivia is, concerning real estate prices, building material and wages, a low-priced country. We can realize this venture in its basic form with no more than 60.000,- Euro. For this we seek partners who want to purchase share certificates.

How then is the required capital to be distributed for an environment protection centre and eco - hotel? Acting on the assumption of above mentioned investment volume is to be proceeded in the following steps:

  • Acquisition of an all - terrain vehicle as a prerequisite for reconnaissance and all other trips.
  • After deciding on the final location a plot of land the size of 50 to 250 hectares is to be purchased.
  • If not yet existent, it is advisable to mark the boundaries of the property with a simple fence to secure it visibly.
  • A water distributing tank, an immersion pump and a generator for the provision with clean potable water.
  • Building of a house in typical, rustic style with eight to ten rooms and sanitary rooms.
  • Building of a house with kitchen and stay room as well as a workshop barn.
  • Reinforcement of the driveways.
  • Acquisition of furnishing, household objects, boat, motorcycles etc. are optional and not contained in the basis calculation.  Just as are annual maintenance costs of about 5.000,- Euro (including the payment of guard and labour).


Before you deposit a sum, you will conclude a contract wit us by which your deposit is protected. Our liability is in reference to incorrect information and negligence in the handling. We must exclude a liability which is outside of our sphere of influence, e.g. political incursions in Bolivia. He who gets involved in this project, knows of different ways of regulation of matters and should inform himself/herself. Before payments are due, your investment will be deposited in a trust account in Germany and can be reclaimed without any allowance as long as the money has not been invested in Bolivia and/or corresponding payments based on valid contracts have become payable.

This is until now only a plan, but it can be put into practice before long, if it arouses sufficient interest.

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