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About the association Simbiosis - Mensch und Natur e.V.

Huge trees offer protection for animals and plants

All of the active members of SIMBIOSIS-Mensch und Natur e.V. are not only friends of nature, they also have long-lasting ties to Bolivia. They live there, visit the country frequently, or are Bolivian. We know and love the beauty of this country and its biodiversity. We are conscious of its endangered state as a result of human thoughtlessness and greed for profit. Eastern Bolivia, commonly called "El Oriente," still has a great wealth of natural treasures. We wish to help in the prevention of their destruction. Of course, we require funds to establish harmless methods of using areas inhabited by people. For example, we work to establish tourism devoted to wildlife observation. All of the active members have had common experiences and know each other. You can talk to us personally (in German, English or Spanish) or you can write to us and be sure that we answer your questions and listen to your objections. Our information will be transparent and complete.

12 Fundamentals of SIMBIOSIS - Mensch u. Natur e.V.

Underlying these 12 facts is the basic assumption that one wishes to do something surpassing just personal contentment in life, something that reaches further than private enjoyment and enrichment. We believe it is worthwhile to realize the value and satisfaction of intervening in the continuing decline of the beauty and variety that has emerged on our planet in the past four billion years, regardless of the odds against the continuing destruction.

  1. Primarily we are operating in a country (Bolivia) in which a general consciousness for environmental protection and conservation of species is only beginning to develop. We try to develop consciousness in this regard, and have already has gained some ground here.
  2. All work is done on a voluntary basis. No money is wasted for administration or salaries of the activists of the association. All incoming funds, apart from a small amount up to a specified percentage for advertising, material, and postage, are invested into the concrete project work.
  3. Our involvement takes place in country that we know and where we have long-lasting personal relationships.
  4. We are experienced enough to avoid being tricked or taken advantage of.
  5. Our funds are used where they are needed; there are no mediators or other paid positions where our money may wind up.
  6. Our activities include shaping of public opinion and consciousness towards environmental issues and protection of species, i.e. our conversations and negotiations on location are on this subject.
  7. We know our colleagues in Bolivia well and have developed a relationship of mutual trust between us.
  8. The majority of our active members have visited our projects. However, this does not mean that a group pursuing its own goals has commandeered the project, or, as in some large organizations, that this group of active members constitutes a closed "inner circle". We are open for everyone who shares our views on conservation. Just as easily, of course, a member can leave again. We continue feeling grateful to everyone who has accompanied us for a while.
  9. If someone contacts us, they will not be put off with prefabricated letters, but can, if they want to, talk directly to us or accompany us. Also, active participation is possible.
  10. In South America we are not limiting ourselves to our few projects, but also assist with private initiatives, to work towards reaching the goal of environmental protection.
  11. We respond to the best of our abilities if members or sponsors of our work have questions or concerns.
  12. We do not have a superstructure of well-paid conservation experts. Our group consists of motivated idealists with experience in the field.

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