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2010: Requirements and necessary funds for Piso Firme

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Preview: Twilight at Piso Firme
Twilight at Piso Firme

Twilight at Piso Firme

Preview: Bridge over a creek in the middle of nowhere
Bridge over a creek in the middle of nowhere

Bridge over a creek in the middle of nowhere

Preview: Patio in the Chiquitania
Patio in the Chiquitania

Patio in the Chiquitania

Baking oven at Piso Firme

What until now has been invested in the project and what expense is yet to be expected? In what stage is the project, meaning what has being carried until now and what is planned?

Already some time before establishing SIMBIOSIS Mensch u. Natur e.V. in 1998, private promoters already had invested 20.000,- USD. In part this money had gone into preparations. After founding the association SIMBIOSIS - Mensch u. Natur e. V. another 58.000,- German marks were issued of November 1998 until November 2001. These sums were spent for the plot of land and the building of the cabañas of our centre and into a system of drinking water supply for the village of Piso Firme. Apart from that we privately financed all journeys to Bolivia and abode there. Only additional costs, for example carrying of material and other appointed work were paid. Advertising, negotiations, shopping, convincing people in Bolivia and other types of organizing in connection with the project, were performed on a voluntary basis and complimentary. For this we have given spare time and vacations for twelve years.

Last year, our member and promoter Robin Schöck acquired a plot of land covered with jungle of approximately 200 hectares for conservation out of the communal property of Piso Firme. Investments are required to secure the area and make it accessible.

What is still missing, to finalize the project in Piso Firme in its present designation?
Planning and estimated expenditure for future undertakings at Piso Firme:

  1. Completion of the kitchen-cabaña: approx. 400,- USD.
  2. Access to the river and pontoon for boats and canoe: approx. 1.200,- USD.
  3. Payment for casero 13 months salaries: approx. 1.560.- USD.
  4. New Cabaña for casero and family: approx. 1.200,- USD.
  5. Action for revegetating, planting trees: approx. 250,- USD.
  6. Trips and transports out of Santa Cruz de la Sierra: approx. 900,- USD.
  7. Forest area "Robin Schöck": Paths, information signs, look-out, made of timber: approx. 2.000, USD., an organization from the Netherlands, is, just as ourselves, committed to conservation of forests and wildlife in Bolivia, but in another area. We work on different projects, pursue however the same goals and are in permanent contact.

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