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2009: Acquistion of land with forest and report on Piso Firme

Handing over the money at Piso Firme

Acquisition a 200 hectares of land as a nature reserve

April 2009: Mr. Robin Schöck, who has shaped our project in Piso Firme with considerable grants, has enabled the acquisition of a nature reserve of approximately 200 hectares with many large and old trees, partly on the river banks of the Rio Paraguá, which was sold for conservation by the community of Piso Firme. The photo shows conclusion of the contract and the handover of the money delivery in Piso Firme. The final contract with the community of Piso Firme is of the 25th of February 2009 and signatures were given before the notary Jose A. Ramirez.
Whoever wishes to acquire further land with us and our Bolivian friends for conservation, may get in touch with us.

Maribel Añez bought 460 hectares in the Chiquitania to help nature

On the right: our house at Concepción/ChiquitaniaJuly 2009 in the Chiquitania: Between Concepción and San Ignacio de Velasco, south of the small place Santa Rosa de la Roca, society members have co-sponsored the purchase the purchase of 460 hectares with an option to acquire further areas. The land is to a large degree grown-over with primary forest. This includes a lake the size of about 80 hectares. The remainder is at present not used pasture intended for renaturation Moreover due to legal requirements the land owners must fulfil a so-called "social function". We want to solve this problem so that nature is not destroyed by doing this, as is elsewhere the case. We still have to find out gradually what wildlife is still occurring there. But since animals including the birds do not stay in one place only, it can be assumed that there is everything occurring elsewhere in the area and that animals will become more abundant once they have learned that they are disturbed there no longer. We welcome further participants for future acquisitions, If more nature lovers join in, it will help to rescue areas before the large clearance sale in a sea of soy bean plantations has been performed. For us, the acquisition of areas is the one unique chance. If we wait for the politics, national or international, to act, probably everything is lost.

News about Piso Firme

  1. On the Cabañas again some repairing was due and the accomplishment had to be inspected.
  2. The journey to Piso Firme within the years did not become easier. This time the situation was aggravated for gasoline provision in parts of Bolivia was restricted because of political developments and in remote areas gasoline can be obtained only by retail speculators at a price four times higher as in the large cities.

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