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Introducing some active members of the organization

Maribel Añez  our director of projects in Bolivia

Maribel Añez - director of projects in Bolivia

She lives in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, but many times is travelling to remote places in the Oriente de Bolivia, because of her work of now almost ten years with the German association SIMBIOSIS - Mensch u. Natur e.V. Seeing the senseless and often uncontrolled destruction of forests and wildlife in her country has motviated her to work in the field of nature conservation.



Klaus BraunertKlaus Braunert - Founder member

Klaus Braunert has been working in the field of nature - and wildlife conservation field for Bolivia and elsewhere for twelve years. In our time for him here is no other subject more relevant.


Franz Josef KerkhoffFranz Josef Kerkhoff - Member of the board

Franz Josef Kerkhoff has been to Bolivia each year for the past ten years and looka after our projects there. He ist part of the executive comitee of our association and a devoted member of our group.


Robin SchöckRobin Schöck

Robin Schöck, managing proprietor of ANSASOL solar-photovoltaic installations, based in Malaga/Spain, has been with us since the beginning and since 1998 also in difficult times has rendered possible to pursue our objectives What has been achieved until now would not have been attainable without his generosity, considering the engagement deserving of thanks by other promoters and members. His unconditional trust has always been an incentive to aspire what was potentially feasible in order to create something that would last.


Simone SchöckSimone Schöck

Simone Schöck joined us by way of her brother Robin Schöck. Her generous support has made our work possible until today. Her reasons have been her confidence in the credibility of our engagement combined with her wish  to help to conserve the remainders of primeval forests, because they represent the world's evolutionary history, whose unique biodiversity must be protected unconditionally as heritage of humanity. This should, according to her, in our case, be done on the one hand for the people of Bolivia, but also for the ecological balance on our planet. She regards herself as privileged with regard to the large majority of people in Central - and South America and wishes to return something of the resulting material advantage, notably also, because by investing minor funds much more can be accomplished there than here. At the same time she is glad about the unfailing commitment of those of us, who work on location and that her assistance is promoting protection of primeval forests and wildlife.


Paul TorrencePaul Torrence

Paul Torrence (Emeritus Professor) was with the U.S. National Institutes of Health from 1969 - 1999, and then was Professor & Chair at Northern Arizona University (1999 - 2007). His research has involved medicinal chemistry and drug discovery for HIV, smallpox, and cancer. He has published over 200 scientific papers and edited four books. Dr. Torrence compares our culture in its march to extinguish diversity of life on Earth in the 21st century to Francisco Pizarro, who in his viciousness and unrestrained greed for gold, destroyed the existing civilisations in South America. Sharing our horror in the face of what is happening, he has become an advisor and supporter of our efforts and helps us to confront and possibly prevent further destruction.


Dr. med. Christoph GutDr. med. Christoph Gut

Dr. med. Christoph Gut from Zurich, Switzerland has been supporting since 1998, to a considerable extent, our efforts to conserve nature and wildlife in Bolivia. He has been there with us, among other places in Piso Firme and acquired firsthand knowledge of the problems presenting themselves from viewing himself. Being an engaged nature lover, he sees no alternative to a personal commitment.

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