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2010 Report from Piso Firme of August

Our manageress in Santa Cruz, Maribel Añez, is back home from a long journey to Piso Firme. To undertake the arduous journey once more this year was important mainly for two reasons. Disturbing news in general required her presence there to find out if anything has changed as to our project or if everything went on as usual. Apparently, fortunately the latter is the case. Piso Firme is very far from the centres of the current political debate and hopefully it will stay that way. Her talks with all “important” people there have proven that all is as before and that in relation to
Simbiosis - M.u. N. the relationship to the "Comunitarios" is undisturbed. Maribel has sent a brief report, which I reproduce in its main features as follows:

"I am referring to Piso Firme as well as its surrounding area.

There is not too much fire - clearing there. There are also no invading squatters there. The people of the village have assured me that they would  swiftly act to prevent illegal land seizure.

What pleased me is that the rangers for National Park, (although there are too few of them for such a large area) who  have their house in our neighbourhood, are very attentive for no river turtles and other animals are being poached. They told me that now there are penalties of up to ten years in prison for it. Before, I could often see people with turtles and turtle eggs and hunters. I have not seen this now.
There is something very appealing and impressive on our property. At the river bank in a cave live Londras (Giant Otter, Pteronura brasiliensis, a rare and highly endangered mammal, note K. Braunert), who have four cubs who make as much noise as children at play. Usually they can be seen only from a distance, because in the morning they leave their cave and cross the river to the other side where they will find more fish.
Now for the pending operations: The observation tower in the woods is not finished yet. The man, who has built it, had been sick and a roof, as shelter and if one wants to stay there overnight, is still missing.

On our site, this time of the year, the trees look dry, but already the buds of new leaves can be noticed. As usual, after another rainy season has passed, I have to report that the roofs of the cabins are rotting away. I suggest that this time we cover them with "Duralite" (large plates in roof tile - look) out. That will last forever."
For not having  done this from the beginning, we now pay the dues for having been wrongly advised, having preferred  the prettier appearance of a palm leaf- roofs corresponding to our idea of "eco". But even the latter is only correct if oneself covers such roofs, repairs them constantly and not having to pay for it.

So much for news from Piso Firme.

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