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Private Action For Common Good

Primeval forest in Bolivia

We assist the acquisition of suitable land to prevent its destruction and present opportunities to purchase undeveloped areas, which then can also be partially managed for personal subsistence (excluding cattle), providing that this is done in an ecologically reasonable manner.

But it is not as simple as it may appear at first, because only Bolivian citizens or foreigners residing in the country can buy land officially. This means to receive all property titles one must have a residence permit. And also Bolivians under the present laws can acquire land only up to a certain size, meaning that a single person no longer can own, unless with approved reasons, thousands of hectares of land. Land of the state is not at all for sale. It can be awarded only to so-called "settlers". There is, moreover, a law that private country must fulfil a "social function", this usually meaning the clear-cutting and soy bean or corn planting or breeding cattle, although the meagre topsoil will be exhausted in a couple of years.

We can procure land with primary forest areas starting from 50 hectares (approximately 125 acres) in size. The price for so-called undeveloped land is still low. Since a non-citizen or non-resident of Bolivia cannot possess land, we cooperate with trustworthy Bolivians, persons of long-standing mutual cooperation. These buy the land and they also will possess the tenure. We then execute valid private contracts in which our/your claims are defined. They will sign private contracts with the financial backer in which his claims are written out in full. We have carried out similar projects in which we cooperate successfully with our Bolivian friends. The buyer will transfer the purchase price directly to a bank account in Bolivia. We, as go-betweens, can only guarantee that we have successfully made such transactions before, that we trust our warrantors and that they have not failed up to date. But even so, in a country like Bolivia, unexpected political changes or occurrences must not, but can happen. It would be imprudent not to mention such risks. Our opinion is, if something is to be done, before it is too late, these risks are negligible. Absolute security has its price. And where the price of land is very low, like in Bolivia, one cannot expect the same standards as in Europe or United States.

We as mediators are part of a corporation with the bona fide purchaser which establishes certain, mutual rules, the most important of which being that when cultivating or building a residence on the land, conservation will have top priority, meaning that no monocultures and no livestock breeding is allowed, no hunting and no felling of old or valuable trees, things which should go without saying, but just to make sure.

This is our offer after ten years of experience on the subject, with successes as well as setbacks. We welcome any suggestion to improve our procedures.

To buy land to avoid its depredation and conserve its biological diversity (flora and fauna) is a solution we have opted for.

Every single investment leads to a permanent yield: the natural variety and beauty of our earth! Please be a part of this critical project in helping to rescue Earth's irreplaceable biodiversity!

For more information preserving your own tract of land or supporting this effort, please contact us.

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